Every year when the temperatures begin to drop it takes everything I have to not start breaking out my Christmas decor and start decorating the entire house! This year I’m caving a little early (we usually don’t start decorating until after Thanksgiving), but with the cold we’ve been having I decided it was necessary to get a head start. For my decorating, especially Christmas decorating, I love mixing classic pieces with more modern ones. Take the stripe container for example, it has a classic metal design with a modern, Christmas-y print (and is perfect as anything from a flower and candy cane vase to a card holder!). The Kate Spade ornaments are another obvious staple with an adorable modern twist – I’m hoping to decorate with a more neutral pallet of white, black, and gold ornaments this year. Around this time (especially in Decembrrr) I’m also stocking up on blankets – in our climate you can never have enough! I think what’s even greater about trends this year is that I can walk around wearing one and be considered “fashionable” (take that mother nature!), but back to the decor. I’m also loving the adorable “JOY” display – I think it’s not only insanely cute but a good reminder during these hectic times about what this season is all about. 

Shop some more of my favorite holiday pieces below and Happy Decorating!



  1. Patti November 24, 2014

    Thanks for sharing these delightful pieces with Visible Monday!

  2. Jenna November 24, 2014

    I love that target blanket, it looks like it’ll go with everything even after the holidays are over!

  3. Nancy November 30, 2014

    I’ve been wanting to get my hands on that book for years, maybe this year someone will cave and buy it for me! (Or I could do it for myself!)


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