7) Topshop Floppy Wool Hat

Oh, floppy hats. Long gone are the hot Summer day’s, but these beauties will live on in our Fall and Winter wardrobes this season. As I mentioned a couple days ago in this post, the 70’s are back. Wide-brim hats were born and raised in this era and continue to live on for multiple reasons – one being that they provide invaluable protection from the sun, and the other being, well, fashion. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is how well these hats transition into Fall and Winter. They’re not only great for blocking the sun in the Summer, but also fantastic at saving your blowout from the rain and snow in during the other seasons. When I first came across this concept years ago I found it a completely genius idea, and pretty stinking adorable. Just picture all of the little snowflakes lining the brim of your hat, I mean could it get an cuter? You could say I’m a little excited to try it out again, and a little advance warning to all my Instagram follower’s; when the opportunity presents itself, you know I’ll be sharing it.