Happy Thursday!

With the beginning of the school year leaning over head, I felt the sudden urge to re-decorate my office space. I’ve never had a very colorful or eye-catching space to work in, just somewhere to go to get my work done and then leave to carry out other tedious tasks. That was until lately, when I started practically living at my desk, and the drab, dull space started to have an affect on me – and not in a good way. Although, what I’ve noticed since I’ve started to update it and bring in some color and inspirational pieces (like the ones above) is that I feel more at home and inspired being surrounded by the things I love. Maybe a little materialistic and superficial, yes, but it’s made working a lot less painful and even somewhat easier for me. So, try it! It doesn’t have to be anything major either – a colorful piece of art, a new tray to display your favorite jewels, even a vase to hold those beautiful flowers (fake ones are great for year-round!) – just that one piece of love can make a world of difference! Also worth mentioning for all of my frugal ladies out there, I may or may not have some home decor DIY’s headed your way in the upcoming weeks… stay tuned… (:

Stay Extraordinary,
Shelby ♥