Today is the final installment of Extraordinary Fashion Week, and we’re ending it on a glam note. I have to be honest here, this girl is all about pearls. I’ll admit, I am probably a bit biased to them because they’re my birth stone, but that in no way lessens how glamorous they are. The way I see it is that they add that certain je ne se quois to an outfit by simply being these – just take my new double pearl earrings for example. Alone the combination of a sweater and jeans is simplistic and understated, but add a pair of pearl earrings to the mix and you suddenly have a look worthy of date night. After all, the best glam is done in the simplest way, and what’s simpler than throwing on a pair of earrings or a bracelet?



I don’t know about you, but come Fall all I really want to wear are neutrals. And lucky for me, this trend surfaced just in time. Only recently did I realize how chic an entirely grey outfit can be; gone are the days of the middle school groutfit and in are the days of the sophisticated monochromatic look. Even green, which I always feared would make me appear as a giant lime or military brat is taken down in level of ostentatiousness to become a sleeker, and more slimming color, and who doesn’t want to look a little thinner when there are 5 different coats piled on top of them?


60’S & 70’S SPUNK

I’ve decided, in honor of Fashion Month, to dedicate this week on Extraordinary to finding the best (and affordable!) pieces for this upcoming Fall based off of this Springs FF14 Runway shows and the SS15 runways this month. One of the big prevailing trends for Fall and Spring is a modern take on the 60’s & 70’s. From the feminine shapes, to the pungent colors, to the high necks mixed with short hems, I’m loving it all. Especially the mixture of yellow and tan: nothing says 70’s fox quite like it. A more modern take on the palette would be to mix this adorable ASOS yellow midi skirt with this H&M tan turtleneck for comfort and polish beyond compare, or if you’re a little timid and don’t want to dive head first in the combo go for this neutral floral Topshop skirt instead. And for my neon daredevil’s out there, mixing this Kate Spade yellow dress (less expensive style here) with this ASOS baby blue coat and belted at the natural waist will not only create a spunky look, but also a smaller waist (win!). The possibilities are really endless though: the 60’s and 70’s were all about experimenting and breaking tradition, so don’t be afraid to test the limits and have a little fun.

*(It wouldn’t let me put the picture in but it’s absolutely GORGEOUS!)