To be completely honest, the hat in this look is playing two different roles here: one was to cover my hair from the rain, the other? To cover up my second day hair. In the Summer, I actually wash my hair nearly less than every other day (that’s right, sometimes I skip two days! Shocking, isn’t it?). I like to give my hair a break in the Summer because I’m not seeing people as often as I used to during the school year so I don’t feel the need to wash my hair as often, and it’s also very healthy for your hair to be left unwashed. Talk about a win-win situation! 
Fedora Hat / Black Wayfarer Sunglasses (old, similar here and here) / Vintage Levi Shorts (old, similar here and really cute Levis here!) / Grey Nike Sweatshirt (similar here and here) / Black Booties (similar here, flat version here for under $100, and gorgeous white and black leather ones here for less than $40)

I’d be lying to you if I told you that we’ve been having anything near stellar weather here the last few weeks. In fact, this rain and gloom is actually starting the grate on my nerves a little bit. We get it! It’s Spring and we’re technically in a drought, but enough already! We want the sun back! Moving on from my rant, we still have to cope with the weather, regardless of how we feel about it, and go outside to carry out our daily tasks. I for one have been trying to stay away from the outdoors during the rain as best I can, but errands must be run and life must go on. Which brings me to this “Rainy Day” look here, the style of outfit I like to wear on these rainy and gloomy Spring and Summer days and hope to swap out once Summer finally does arrive in a few days! 
While we’re still on the subject of rainy days, remember those gift cards you’ve been holding onto for years? Those ones you’re saving for a rainy day and excused keeping by promising yourself you’ll use once you find the perfect item? Yeah, those? Well, it’s time for an intervention, ladies. We both know you’re not interested and wished you had gotten a different gift card instead. It’s okay, it happens to the best of us! That’s where Raise comes in, they’ll take your untouched (even your somewhat touched!) gift cards and pay you on the spot with only a minor deduction from the original price for what you didn’t use. All you have to do is chose the gift card you’re planning to sell and plug in the pin number on the card! Sounds simple, right? Then, you can go check out all of the gift cards on their sight (with the money you’ve made from selling) and buy a gift card that can be up to 20% (or more!) off of the original price! I mean ladies, just think about it! Would you rather spend the money on a piece you don’t really care for, or take 5 minutes to get a gift card to somewhere else where you could get a piece you really love? 
Don’t forget to check out Raise’s website in the next few weeks to see the “Closet Swap” summer style and favorites collage from other bloggers on their website! Who knows, maybe I’ll even make it on there!