Hi everyone! I’m Shelby, a Minnesota based 16 year old with an unorthodox sense of style and a slight sparkle obsession. I am a firm believer in dessert for breakfast, over-dressing, and the power of red lipstick. I also happen to be the creative and energetic voice behind the blog All That Shimmers. I work as a student by day, volunteer by night, and spend my off days treasure hunting photography goldmines and boutiques with my trusted sidekick, my pup Lexi. While I’m most passionate about my schoolwork at this stage, I also love to share my lifestyle and style for everything else online at my blog AllThatShimmersBlog.com. I created All That Shimmers as a place to document the things I love; from fashion to home decor and my desire to experiment with everything sparkly, shimmering, and new that this world has to offer. All that Shimmers is an overall outlet where I share my world and wardrobe while chasing after my dreams (occasionally Lexi as well) and sometimes dressing over-the-top but always outside the lines in hopes to inspire others to add a little shimmer to their everyday life.

Thanks you so much for reading!


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