Homeward Bound

This past weekend I headed home to the brutal winters of MN. Crazy how things have changed in the past 4 years that I’ve lived in NY yet home still feels the same way it used to.. almost like it’s been trapped in 2016 since I left.

dior and lugz winter boots
dior and lugz winter boots

Lugz Winter Boots // Dior Street Chic Purse // Brandy Melville White Sweatpants // Brandy Melville White Zip-Up Hoodie // Cream Quarter Zip Turtleneck (vintage Ralph Lauren)

For instance, winter is just as cold and dry as ever, the Christmas decor is the same as it’s been since I was a kid (nostalgic in a way because so many of the decorations were made in daycare), even topics of debate and speculation are all the same… Really the only thing that’s changed is Lexi has a little more white fur to her face, but she’s still as chipper a pup as ever (thankfully).

dior and lugz winter boots

One major change for me this year, however, is owning and wearing my own pair of winter boots c/o Lugz. Ironic considering I grew up in one of the coldest states in the US and had never prior owned a pair, I usually just wore my favorite sneakers into the ground. But not this year! This year I might actually not have to deal with 1st-degree frostbite, hooray! Thanks, Lugz!

dior and lugz winter boots

So far, I’ve been wearing them to walk Lexi and honestly they have some impressive grip. It’s weird to walk outside and not have to brace myself for a fall or do the delicate eggshell walk to avoid it. I can simply stride along without a worry. They’re also incredibly warm, I wore them without socks the other day (I don’t know why I just didn’t feel like rummaging through my luggage to find the spare pair I packed) and I still stayed warm.


Now for the fun copy points!:
All Lugz can be purchased at DSW. I’m wearing the “Empire Hi” boot in Pink. The shoes are lace-up and feature a water-resistant finish and a slip-resistant rubber sole (hence why I wasn’t falling all over the place). Oh, and they’re superrr comfortable because they have a memory foam insole?! How sick is that?

Anyway, hoping these boots quite literally carry me through this holiday weekend and through the mayhem that will be flying back to NY next week. Ta-ta!

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Lugz and the InfluenceHer Collective. All words and opinions are my own.

How To: Staycation

How To Travel At Home | All That Shimmers Blog - A Personal Style, Beauty, Home Decor, and Lifestyle Blog written by Shelby Adelman

With Spring Break on the horizon, I am constantly badgered with others telling me about how excited they are for trips to tropical destinations free from the cold of Minnesota. Well, I’ve never really been one to travel during the break (aside from last years’ abrupt trip to Florida) so this is nothing new for me, however; I do want to do new things. Just ones that don’t require a 4 hour trip at 3 am with high stress and luggage loading. (I will be the first to tell you that packing is not my forte.)

But what’s a girl to do?

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Lately, I’ve been really big into blended fruit bowls for breakfast. They contain enough sweetness to wake me up and give me energy for a long day full of whatever it decides to throw my way. I find that it’s also a great snack any time you need a pick-me-up or some added energy around that slumming 2:00 feeling time. What I’ve found though is that although they taste delicious, they can quickly add up if you’re buying them everyday, not to mention the fact that they’re nearly impossible to find where I live, and since have decided to start making them on my own. If you’re not familiar with acai it’s an antioxidant rich berry from the Brazilian amazon, loaded with protein, and a host of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids – making it a wonderful way to start your day!


2 packets frozen acai puree (3.5 oz)
1 banana frozen (cut in pieces)
1 handful of frozen blueberries
scant 1/4 cup orange or apple juice
scant 1/4 cup almond milk
1 scoop protein powder (optional

Toppings (have a little fun here!):
goji berries

Take the acai packets (I usually get mine from the brand Sambazon at Whole Food’s – so good!) out of the freezer and and break them apart before opening. I suggest letting them set out on the counter for a few minutes to make this a little easier. Now, put the acai chunks, blueberries, and frozen banana pieces into the blender. Pour in a small amount of juice or almond milk and (optional) protein powder. Between blends you may have to open up the blender, move things around a bit, and scrape the sides or push down the fruits to keep things moving. Once you begin to blend you will be able to see how much liquid you need – go from there and adjust the thickness to your own desire, although; most people (like myself) like to create a very thick sorbet-like consistency.

And, walla! You can use whatever toppings you like – I prefer and always seem to cut up any leftover bananas or fresh fruit and usually add coconut shreds, almond slices and for an added kick of energy I’ll pour on a little bee pollen.